About Kristen

Kristen lives in the dual worlds of wine and jazz as a singer/sommelier and sommelier in New York City. She brings a unique fusion of expertise, curiosity and joy to her offerings in Jazz & Juice.

As a wine professional, Kristen has worked in some of NYC’s top restaurants as a sommelier (The Grill, Gotham Bar and Grill among others) and also as an educator (at the Astor Center, Soho House, and privately.) She is certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers. In 2016, she started her own wine label, Two Notes, with Grammy winner Ted Nash which can be found in jazz clubs, stores and restaurants in NYC and Atlanta.

For more about Kristen’s musical life, visit KristenLeeSergeant.com, and join the mailing list to know about everything that’s happening in this jazz & wine universe.

Stay jazz & juiced